Hi my name is Kiran.

FlashYourFlesh is a place of vulnerability and healing. It’s a place where I can be free, honest and express.

I have struggled with mental illness for a big portion of my life, some years it literally engulfed my life. I was not living, I just existed physically.

This most recent year, I spiralled and ended up in hospital because I could not cope, I couldn’t keep myself safe with attempts of suicide, my illness ruled me. I never thought I’d want to live again or have a day free of thoughts of dying. But I am moving forward, those thoughts aren’t so much at the forefront of my mind. Even though I am still struggling, I have found hope.

I don’t know how long it will take but I know I will live a life where my illnesses can be managed. I am sick of missing out and mental illness stealing my life away. I finally feel like I can begin my life and that is to say I still feel and believe this at a time, now, where my mental illnesses still have a major effect on my life. But I do what I can and make the most of it. The very nature of these illnesses are chronic, they won’t just go away but it’s about finding ways to manage them.

Easier said then done i know but when we’re ready it’s possible.

As a creative person, I went to film school and after freelanced mostly in producing and photography. I then went on to become a make-up artist, which I freelance and worked part time at Bobbi Brown studio as well as social media management. I’ve always loved anything creative, I write poetry, fiction, scripts and love creating art in different mediums, these are my outlets that help me. I love learning and creating!

My journey is continuing, i’m halfway through my yoga teacher training, which I want to use to help others who battle mental health as a way of processing, healing and expression. As of next year I am planning to begin training to become a shiatsu practitioner and combine this with my other work to offer as therapy. I also practice and have been studying tarot, astrology and crystal healing. I have always been a spiritual person and have had a connection to energy.

I strongly believe in healing and processing through creativity and spiritual practice. I want this to be a safe space to heal, so we can take this journey together.

I embrace what I have learnt through my lived experiences, skills I have developed and training to create a place and source where we can heal, process and express as a way to begin managing our mental and physical illnesses together.