Today I…

Today I forced myself to go outside and probably if it involved just me walking down the street I would have put it off. I had agreed to go for a walk with someone else a while ago in advance and then today just crept up on me. I would have done my usual thing of making an excuse to get out of it, but I know it would have done me good because it wasn’t just down the street but beautiful fields plus we took the dog too. (Infinite plus’s 🐶)

The thing is I had zero energy because I was so restless not sleeping the night before I wanted to go. When I got back home, I was infinitely exhausted and wanted to sleep. I gave in to that with NO judgement and bullshit about ‘wasting the day sleeping’. I still have no idea how society created that one! And guess what, when I woke up at 5pm the day was still present and hadn’t gone anywhere. I did what is best for me and what my body needed. 

We get in the habit of comparing ourselves but there is no comparison and on a separate note why are comparisons even necessary? All I see come from them is the ability to make people feel bad, so lets ditch that! So please feel good about what you do each day.

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