Sorry Not Sorry

So why are we apologising all the time? Especially when were apologising for things we are not sorry for. Things that we cannot control don’t make us bad people.

 I switched off my communication and when I when I switch if back on my automatic response is to apologise for not getting in touch right away. Its wrong that firstly I feel Guilt for switching off and that guilt turns into an Obligation to reply and apologise. 

This Is Wrong.

Where do we get this automatic response from? Society and expecations have shaped us this way, we are conned into feeling Shame, Obligation and Guilt. I shouldn’t feel shame for switching off because I can’t cope for what some feel is a small thing, I shouldn’t feel guilty for not replying or communicating if I can’t and I shouldn’t feel obliged to apologise or explain myself. 

So I won’t and I will try to instill this within myself and remind myself not to get caught up in the cycle of :

Shame ➡️ Guilt ➡️ Obligation


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